The competition takes place at the Stil Arena. The address is 

Gamle Vevelstadvei 34, 1405 Langhus, Norway.


There is no sauna at the arena. 


Please park you car in the yellow areas in the parking map to the right. Parking outside there areas are likely to result in a fine by the local authorities.

Nearest airport

The closest airport is Oslo Gardermoen. 

Please note that Oslo Torp is far away, and there is very limited public transport alternatives from Torp to Oslo.  

Local transport

Both local buses and trains have stops very close to the wrestling arena. This includes the L2 train service between Oslo and Ski, and bus 510 from Vevelstad station to Ski. There are also other buses stopping within walking distance. 

Please see the app, google maps, or similar for more information. Tickets are also available via the entur app, and is Norway's preferred way of paying for public transport.


There will be a wide range of meal-alternatives served at the arena, including vegeterian alternatives.